Blacksmith Recording Studio

Blacksmith Recording Studio was officially incorporated in 1999 in a remodeled building that originally housed a blacksmith shop - hence the name. While this small building served the business and its clients for a number of years, the business eventually outgrew the building.

In 2017 a custom facility was built. After an 8-month build-out, the new Blacksmith Recording Studio opened. Our studio now has over 1,400 square feet, dedicated to your project. This includes a lounge, for relaxing between takes. Also included are a large recording room, drum room, and custom control room where the new technology assists by doing part of the work for the musician. Music is fun; making music should also be fun. No hurries, no worries. Blacksmith provides a rewarding experience for making music. Bring your talent and let your dream become a reality at Blacksmith.

Phone: (740) 359-2274