Recording is the heart of what we do. It is literally our middle name. So whatever your project is; a single guitar and a vocal, a full band wanting a full album, or a symphonic string section, our large classic, analog MIDAS console is designed to give your music a wide, open, and warm sound. Of course, our console is married to Industry standard Pro Tools which allows you and your music to achieve the ultimate studio experience.


The blending of your project is the essence of what we do. Listen, as your dream comes alive. Be amazed as you hear what transpires between the world of analog and digital, when they come together to transform, combining your musical heart with digital tools to offer you a truly professional project that is worthy of your music.


This is the final tweaking of your project, including song order and song spacing. We don't just make it louder, we make it better; allowing your music to sound finished, polished and radio ready. Sound elite.

Live Recording

This is the capturing of your music while performing in front of a live audience. You can feel the excitement with every track, every song, and every performer. Capture the moment. Together we can make it happen. Take the first step and call us.

Jingle Production

Jingles are everywhere. How do you get yours to be heard? How do you get your message out? What do you want to say?

At Blacksmith Recording Studio, we can make your business as unique as you, saying what you want to say in the style of your choice. This is not a prepackaged "free" spot that local television and radio stations offer that sounds just like everyone else's jingle. You're better and your jingle should be, too.

Audio Restoration

At B.R.S. we can convert your old media like 78's, 33's, 45's cassettes and Reel to Reels to CD, SD cards or USB sticks. Relive those old memories and family treasures. Call us and we can make it happen.

Audio Reinforcement

We are proud to still offer small event production. Staying true to our roots we offer some of the best gear on the market. Speakers by JBL, a digital board by Allen & Heath, and Crown amplification. Add to this an all inclusive microphone package with some of the best sounding wireless mics on the market and your next event will leave them wanting more. Call for details and pricing.