Booking Policy

To book a session with Blacksmith Recording Studio, a $100 deposit is required. This deposit is deducted from your total invoice. The remaining balance is due in full the day of your session. This deposit is non-refundable. However, we understand that your schedule may alter unpredictably. If this happens, please contact us as soon as possible. We appreciate a minimum of 48 hours notice, so that we can adjust our and others' schedules accordingly. Your deposit will still be applied to your next session.

The minimum time for any session is two (2) hours. If you are present for 20 minutes, you will still be charged for two (2) hours.

For new clients, payment is to be made by cash or certified bank check. Returning clients may pay with personal checks at the discretion of our staff. All returned checks will incur an additional $50.00 charge per occurance.

No copies of recordings, masters or multi-track files will be released on open accounts. These will be released once checks tendered have cleared Blacksmith Recording Studio accounts.

The client is responsible for obtaining and paying for all mechanical licenses. A mechanical license allows you to include a song owned by someone else on your album.  We can help our clients find direction in obtaining these, however we cannot obtain mechanical licenses on their behalf. 

Tardiness Policy

Appointment times have been arranged specifically for you. If you arrive late to your session, your time may be shortened to accommodate others and you will not receive a refund on your time. If you are running late, let us know that you are going to be late. If you do, we may be able to work around it without having to shorten your time. 

General Policies and Regulations

Recording and making music is fun. And we want you to have fun, but we do have rules:

  • Absolutely no smoking, drugs or firearms are allowed in Blacksmith Recording Studio. If you are found to be in possession of any of these, you forfeit your session and will not receive a refund.  
  • We reserve the right to deny entry or refuse business without refund, liability, or compensation if the circumstances so require. 
  • Do not break equipment. You are welcome to use our instruments at no extra charge, but take care of it. Do not touch our console and gear without permission. 
  • The use of Blacksmith Recording Studio logo, on paper files, digital files, or media is prohibited without our written permission. You are encouraged to take pictures of your time here. Blacksmith Recording Studio personnel may, with your permission, take pictures during your session for the purpose of using them on the Blacksmith Recording Studio Facebook page.
  • Food and drink are allowed in the lounge and in the studio, but are not allowed in the control room.
  • We do not record explicit lyrics. We may be able to recommend an alternate venue for recording lyrics of this nature, but it is against our policy to record explicit lyrics.

Guests and Visitor Policies

We find that the fewer people you bring to the studio, the more efficient your session will run. We recommend not bringing small children or significant others. Your money will go further when only those people essential to recording are present.

Musician Services

If you are a songwriter/lyricist and need a musician or full band, we are willing to help you get in contact with these required services. You will be responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and paying for their services, but we will not charge any broker fees for making introductions. We can work with your budget to find musicians who are willing to work within that.